Automobile Fuel-saving device Miracle3

Let’s participate in protecting the earth and the environment and reducing greenhouse gases. Cibus salvificem faciamus cum nova technologia methodi praetractationis

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Fiat cibus nisi cum novo engine pre-tractationis methodo.

Engine pretreatment fuel and exhaust gas reduction system

The third miracle (Miracle 3) “Automotive engine pretreatment exhaust gas reduction device” is, Existing post-treatment methods DPF, SCR, EGR, and harmful gases that could not be removed from the engine
As a pretreatment method, it increases the efficiency, increases the combustion rate, and reduces fuel and harmful gases by 20% As a technology to reduce abnormalities, WIPS 2018.12.14. According to the data, It is the first system developed in the world.

Car with battery installed in front

A car with a battery installed in the back

Miracle3 Program settings

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