Verification method

1. When verifying through a tester
2. Before installing Miracle3, to check the status of the installed vehicle
3. Connect the tester to the ECU terminal
* Setting screen, as shown in the figure, set
Constantly, when driving 62mi 241.3294yd, record data, Install Miracle3 and measure in the same way Before installation, data – after installation, data = fuel savings Before installation, data/saving value x 100 = saving %

2. Verification with fuel flow without tester

1.1. Before installing Miracle3, in the installed vehicle, to check the condition
2. At the same gas station, fill up the fuel
3. * Points to note:
1). Attach the fuel filler to the fuel filler hole, and when the fuel starts to fill, put it in slowly, and fill it until the fuel filler sensor stops automatically.
2). After driving for more than 43.496 miles, refuel in the same way from the same fueling machine.
3) 4. If the distance traveled is divided by the fuel consumption, the fuel consumption of the vehicle to be installed is measured.
4  After installing Miracle3, measure in the same way.
 Pre-installation data/post-installation data = Savings x 100 = Savings %