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AUSA 2012


2018. 5 The third miracle ( Miracle 3 )
2018. 3. Large dump, large cargo, bus development completed
2018. 10. Established Ballas Co., Ltd.
2017.12 18th Cultural Prediction Grand Prize, Entrepreneur Grand Prize
2017. 5. Euro 6 gasoline, diesel, LPG development completed
2016. 4. Developed Euro 6 carbon fiber
2015. 7. Developed Euro 5 gasoline, diesel and LPG
2014. 5 Developed carbon fiber for Euro 5
2012. 10 AUSA 2012 U.S. Army State Department Procurement Exhibition Exhibited Proposal of registration request as a procurement item
2012.11.2 Established BALAS Inc.
2012. 5 Acquired fuel saving device patent No. 10-1146026
2012. 5. ISO 900:2008 Royal Cert certification
2012. 4. Developed products for Euro 4 gasoline, diesel and LPG
2011. 3. Developed carbon fiber material for Euro 4
2008. 12. Patent application for fuel saving device
2007. 5. Start of fuel saving device development
2006. 5. Changed the company name to Crezen Inc.
2003. 8. Wireless MP3 player FCC, CE, MIC certification
2002. 9. Patent for portable data storage device (0354715)
2001. 8. PCT application USA, Europe, China, Japan
1999. 3.24. Established Gigicom Co., Ltd.
1999.3. 13 Patent application for portable data storage device (10-1999-00085000)

Nice to meet you, I’m Park Heung-soo, the president of BLASS.

Thank you for visiting BLASS’s homepage

Through cyberspace, listening to customer needs and voices, We share our business, think with customers, breathe, and I want it to be a place of communication.

BLASS is a specialized company in automobile fuel-saving devices. In automobiles, saving fuel means a lot By increasing the efficiency, noise and vibration are reduced, and the quality of the car is improved. It saves fuel by 30%, reduces smoke, and reduces environmental pollution.

BLASS, 100% dependent on imports, saves energy and protects the environment, We are an eco-friendly company that thinks first, creates customer value. Even in the rapidly changing business environment, we are constantly challenging ourselves to create the value of opportunity.

As the philosophy of sharing with customers, at the forefront of new growth, global business is promoting

BLASS fulfills its corporate social responsibility and builds love, trust and respect. We will become a company that receives, through clean and transparent management, we will become a company trusted by customers and society

Thank you.